Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tasha Tuesday

Here she is, standing in the garden path. It's amazing how she will, sometimes, just pose for the camera. Most of the time she's running one way or the other. The red pivoines (peonies) are blooming, as is the sage. In between is an artichoke.

Tasha posing in the garden path.

We're expecting a couple of nice days before it gets chilly again. We seem to be paying for the nice weather we had in February and March. Dammit. Oh well, such is life. At least there's no snow, right?


  1. And when the saw is out, it’s beautiful there. Tasha is beautiful ni matter what.

  2. I don't think I have seen the path before. It's a nicely framed photo. Gosh her fur is long.

  3. Hope you'll show us close-up photos of the clary sage when it blooms.

  4. Tasha looks so sedate - as you said, it is as if she understands what a camera is for and she is posing just for you!
    No longer a puppie, sad. But, that's okay. More manageable and understanding of the rules of the road. She really is a very attractive dog.

  5. What a gorgeous shot! And I love the blooms along the path. We have been having lousy un-May-like weather here, too. So much rain! And it's only in the 50s to low 60s. Mitch and I are getting ready to go to the Strawberry Music Festival this weekend, and we're kind of dragging our feet because of the weather. Fortunately, we have the camper van, but it's still no fun camping and attending an outdoor festival in the rain. But we're prepared and hoping for the sun to peek through!

  6. Everything seems lush, and Tasha looks like a movie star!


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