Thursday, May 02, 2019

Rainy day

I heard a little rain over night, and this morning the rain is more steady. The weather people say it will rain on and off all day. It's good for the plants.

A lilac in our back yard.

The early spring flowers are fading. The fruit tree blossoms are gone. Daffodils, tulips, and hyacinth have long since lost their blooms. The lilac pictured above is losing its petals now, too. That photo is a few days old. Yesterday I put the saw attachment onto the long pruning pole and sawed some dead branches out of a few of our trees. Tasha had a great time grabbing stray sticks and running them around the yard.

We may have a frosty Sunday and Monday. The forecasts don't agree, but they're predicting early morning lows at or near zero (Celsius). Brrr.


  1. I love how americans refer to their gardens as yards
    yards in the UK are often bare concrete places devoid of greenery

    1. I love this comment. The people we speak English with around here are mostly British and our references have changed as a result. I used to call it a yard and now I call it a garden, and I never even thought about that. Oh, gorgeous lilac. I DO miss those.

  2. It's nice to picture Tasha grabbing sticks and running around :)

  3. john, yes, curious. I would call what you describe as a "courtyard."

    mitch, this is a flowering year for my "every other year" lilac. I botched that purchase. I wanted and "every year" lilac.

    judy, can you picture me following around after her to pick them up? LOL!


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