Sunday, May 05, 2019


We had a nice surprise earlier this spring: our patch of cerfeuil (chervil) came back from last fall's seeds like gangbusters. It's the first time since we planted it a couple of years ago that it's filled in, and overflowed, its bed.

Chervil in its plot against the house, under the wisteria.

Chervil is related to parsley, but has a mild anise flavor. We use it fresh in salads (like the black radish and mimolette cheese salad I like to make) and it's good with fish as well. The patch is bolting right now, so there will be a big crop of seeds. I'll just let them lie there in the hope of another crop in late summer. Chervil likes cool weather, so we normally don't have much during the hot months.


  1. Chervil and parsley, along with tarragon, are my favorite herbs. Lucky you are!

    Did I tell you the small bay laurel from your yard Ken gave me a few years ago finally took on and is growing well in its Paris environment.

  2. I don't know if I've ever even had chervil?

  3. That must be so satisfying to see. I do love it... and the smell.

  4. Wow! You stumped me! I have not grown this (I thought I had done all the major herbs). This looks nice. I wonder if it is available in the market?

  5. chm, good about the bay laurel! Send a photo!

    judy, I don't think I did until I came to France.

    mitch, it is nice when something works!

    michael, it may be too delicate for your climate. But you never know.


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