Thursday, May 30, 2019


I'm trying something a little different in this year's vegetable garden. In past years, I planted the tomato stakes vertically, then watched them lean as the plants grew heavy. I'd have to pound wooden stakes into the ground and tie the leaning tomatoes to them to keep them upright. Lots of bother.

Twelve tomato stake tripods. Three plants per tripod. They're tied together at the top with twine, and spaced farther apart than they look.
The snow peas are the knee-high plants with white blossoms growing against the garden's back edge.

So, this year I decided to try tripods. I pushed the metal stakes into the ground at an angle and in groups of three, then tied the tops together to form tripods. So far, they seem pretty stable. But the proof of the pudding, as they say, will be in the eating. And that's still a few months away.

Another view. The two little plants in front are zucchini.

The next job is to put the tomatoes in the ground, one plant at each leg of each tripod. I will get started on that today. There are thirty-six "legs" which means thirty-six tomato plants. I will didn't have leftovers. By the way, the snow peas I planted back in March are blooming and making pods. I planted a row of flat green bean seeds yesterday, and two zucchini plants are in the ground. This year's garden is shaping up.


  1. Very attractive and makes perfect sense. They even sell tripods for tomatoes. Yours are so much more artful.

  2. Always appreciate garden updates...I've been wondering about the snow peas.

  3. They're off! Hoping for a great season with just enough rain.

  4. mitch, I guess I haven't been looking. Something else to google!

    sheila, it's time to start harvesting them!

    evelyn, thanks, me too!

  5. we have had so much rain the past 2 weeks that the grass is growing wild! spouse's tomatoes and cuke plants are beginning to grow also. warmer weather is coming. last week we had our first cookout of the season; I grilled scallops for the first time - DEE LISH!


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