Sunday, May 19, 2019

The greening of the vineyard

This photo is almost a week old now. The vineyards are turning from winter brown to spring green as the leaves multiply and grow. All the greens around us now are spring-fresh. I went to the Saint-Aignan market on Saturday (for strawberries) and noticed that, even though it was overcast and raining, everything looked beautiful, even the old gray stone of the town.

We haven't see the sun in a couple of days, but all the plants will appreciate the rain we're getting.

We've made good progress on the loft, clearing out the northwest corner and the storage closets under the eaves to make way for the new half-bath construction. But the rest of the room is mess! Piles of clothes and boxes everywhere. We should be pretty much finished today, moving a second chest of drawers, rolling up the rug, and tidying up other stuff. The work could start during the coming week, so we have to be ready.


  1. Ah..the feeling that winter is finally over. Spring has a way of lifting one's spirits.

  2. I hope the work starts soon, and that they work steadily on your place. I hate when contracted workers are working on several places at once, and you only get to see them once a week!

  3. michael, that's for sure, even if our winter was not at all harsh.

    judy, these are the guys that built our shower a couple of years ago, so we feel pretty good about them.

  4. So looking forward to the before and after photos! (Of the vineyards, too).


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