Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Before they're completely gone

I've had this photo sitting around for a week already. It's a pivoine (peony) flower just about to open. Now I realize that the flowers have opened and that they're starting to fade, dropping petals all around the plant. And, of course, I have no photos of the flowers in their glory, at least not this year.

We have two red peony plants in the back garden. They come back every year.

It's time to plant the vegetable garden. Ken did the second pass with the rototiller on Monday and the ground is ready. I've been hardening the plants off by putting them outdoors during the day. Today I'll at least get the zucchini in, then I'll spend the next few days dealing with the tomatoes, not to mention the peppers and eggplant seedlings that our friend K. gave us.


  1. We had one red peony in Connecticut. What amazing flowers.

  2. Peonies are a favourite of mine. Just returned from 20 days in France and loved going around.


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