Wednesday, May 08, 2019


One of the roses in our garden is blooming now. It won't win any prizes, but it provides a nice splash of color. All of the roses chez nous were here when we arrived sixteen years ago. Two of them are plants that we split off from their parent. I've torn out several rose plants altogether over the years, mostly because they weren't in good spots and didn't do much.

This bud's for you.

Those remaining I feed from time to time, and prune now and again. This past year I did no pruning at all, so the plants have a "wild" look, which is fine with me. Because I put most of my gardening energy into the vegetable garden (not to mention cutting the grass), I tend to treat the flowering plants with a strict regimen of benign neglect. If they can't survive that, out they go.

Pretty in pink.

We're expecting a day of spotty rain today. That got me out to finish cutting the grass (again) on Tuesday. I must say that it's satisfying to get it cut so that I don't have to watch it grow to a height that requires a team of gardeners with machetes to control. When we moved in all those years ago, the grass (and all the little plants that make up the "lawn") had been left to grow to waist height. I spent days doing battle with a weed-eater before I could make a first pass with the lawnmower. I don't care to repeat that.


  1. I love roses. We’ve never grown vegetables and have always spent our time on flowering plants. Glad you got the lawn mowed. Another summer-like day here.

  2. Roses require a lot of attention. I used to know all the ways to make them happy. Now we have one red climber which has bloomed beautifully without much attention. That's all it will do probably because it already has black spot and it too high for us to remedy that problem with fungicides and who know what else. Benign neglect works for us also.

  3. "This bud's for you" really did make me LOL. Lovely flowers. The bearded iris is pretty spectacular, too.

  4. mitch, I'm surprised that you've never done vegetables!

    evelyn, you have to really love it to spend the time to make certain plants beautiful. As you say, they can take a lot of work.

    emm, where did I park my Clydesdales? ;)


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