Sunday, May 26, 2019

They're going to flower

This is the second year for this patch of sauge sclarée (clary sage) that we planted around the real fake well. The first year, the plants were relatively small and they didn't flower. This year, they've grown up higher than the walls of the well and are covered in flower buds.

A flower bud on one of our clary sage plants.

I'm hopeful that these won't die back after flowering. I read that the plant is normally biennial, but can live longer in milder climates. Whatever happens, they re-seed themselves relatively easily. In fact, our plants all sprouted from one parent plant. Ken dug them up and potted them before we transplanted them around the well.


  1. IIRC this is the sage my friend Marthe gave to Ken a few years ago. It looks good.

  2. Gorgeous photo. As one might say in Texas, "it's fixin' ta bloom."

  3. When I first learned that was clary sage, of course I had to Google it and was interested to learn that the oil of the leaves is used in herbal medicine. The list of ailments it's used to treat is almost endless.
    Looking forward to seeing that blossom. I notice we have a photo of culinary sage today, caught in just the right light.

  4. More triffids ! It's a miracle you all survive each summer.

  5. chm, yes, indeed!

    mitch, I didn't know you speak Texan!

    sheila, and I didn't know anything about it until we got one.

    michael, we just threaten to put them into a sauce and they leave us alone. ;)


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