Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Going nowhere fast

I saw this snail snoozing on the dew-soaked top rail of the back gate a few days ago. Its head was tucked away inside the shell, and there was no sign of movement. Later I noticed that it had gone.

Un escargot.

I took Tasha to the vet on Tuesday for her annual vaccinations. She's gained a little weight since last year, but the doctor didn't think it was serious. Tasha is two years old now and her growing stage is over. The vet recommended we watch what Tasha eats. The Dentastix we give her for her teeth (recommended by another vet in the office) are apparently very caloric. As are the biscuits she gets after her daily walks. Otherwise, she gets less than a cup of kibble and a pouch of wet food each day. Not exactly a heavy diet.


  1. Another exceptional photo. Good luck with Tasha ... and the dueling vets.

  2. I use for doggie treats bits of plain rice cakes, cucumber slices, carrots, and sometimes the crunchy ends of lettuce stems. Present dogs doesn't care for the lettuce, but others have liked it. Good stuff, low calories.
    Beautiful colors in your snail photo.

  3. mitch, she'll be ok. If I brushed her properly, she'd probably lose 2 kgs in hair alone.

    emm, we should try some raw veggies. There are always some carrots around.

  4. love the pix; snail was napping, perhaps?


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