Saturday, May 18, 2019


The little tomato seedlings are getting bigger. There is now only one seedling per pot, so they have some room to grow. We're getting closer to setting them out in the garden. I spread some compost on Friday and Ken will do a final tilling in the week to come. It's raining this weekend, so we have to wait.

The green tray contains red Russian kale seedlings, a gift from a friend who had a surplus.

Next week I'll start the hardening-off process by putting the seedlings outside during the day and bringing them back in over night. That slowly conditions them to being outdoors. One year I didn't do that and a lot of them died in the garden. Lesson learned.


  1. So much to be aware of. I’d never heard of hardening-off seedlings.

  2. I'm filing that info for future use. I hope you have a bumper crop of veggies this year.

  3. mitch, interesting. I always knew, just forgot one year. Not a good thing.

    evelyn, thanks! Me too!

    emm, I hope so!


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