Monday, November 11, 2019

Armistice Day

Today's holiday in France commemorates the end of World War I. In the US, it's Veterans' Day. The days coincide every so often. It's always on a Monday in the US; it's always on the 11th in France.

This photo is a couple of weeks old. Most of those leaves are gone now.

This will be the last three-day weekend until Christmas. Not that it makes a difference for us, except that holidays are hunt days, so we'll be sure to get our morning walk in before that starts. There will likely be a little ceremony at the town hall as there is every year.


  1. Hunt day would make me so nervous. Then again, we used to hear gangland gunfire in San Diego. Hunting would be a relief.

  2. Walt, I think you're remembering this mistakenly. We don't always put Veteran's Day on a Monday -- it's always honored on November 11. I know, because many years, we have gotten a day off for it, no matter whether it was a Wednesday or a Friday or a Thursday or a Monday. Also, many schools have special programs honoring veterans, on November 11, as ours did, this morning (and as we do every year, always on November 11). We do always have Memorial Day on a Monday, but not Veteran's Day.

  3. for Moving with Mitchell: I came across some French hunters a couple of winters ago, in the Charente. They had put out sandwich-board signs at roadside that said "Chasse en cours". Even so, I drove as quickly as I could out of that section, but was impressed that they warned people and weren't just firing at anything that moved.

  4. mitch, scary! Our hunters aren't at all scary, except maybe for that hour or so right after they have lunch.

    judy, ooops! I'll address this in the next post. :)

    emm, we see those signs often. Most of the time I think they're about an organized hunt and not just individuals with guns.


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