Thursday, November 14, 2019

Fruitless plum

This is the ornamental plum tree in our back yard, a variety of fruitless prunus. In addition to beautiful pink blossoms in spring, we get a show of orange and yellow in the fall. The color is a bit past its prime in this photo because I usually don't take the camera out in the rain, and it's been raining a lot lately.

The flowering plum. Some of the cut apple wood is visible on the right.

Even so, we've had some sun in the last two days. I got outside with the chainsaw on Wednesday to cut up those dead branches I mentioned. Now they're cut to size and ready to burn. My next project, besides cleaning up the vegetable garden, is to split some of the apple wood that the garden guy cut up for me. Once the bigger pieces are split, I'll cover the pile for the winter. Next summer it will dry out and, if we're lucky, I may be able to burn it next winter.


  1. Fruitless Prunus! Its new Latin name!

  2. Apple wood is very fragrant when burning.

  3. Yes apple wood was one of the flavored woods I have used in a smoker! As I read this I was already smelling that winter-themed fire! We are in a rut here: grey, dismal days with dampness. I would prefer something else, but compared to many other locations I really need to keep this to myself and not complain. Beautiful shot, Walt!

    Mary in Oregon

  4. mitch, maybe it should be "frutlus prunus." ;)

    thickethouse, I hope to find out.

    mary, we are in the same kind of pattern. It's normal for us this time of year. It's also a nice change from the furnace that was last summer.


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