Monday, November 25, 2019

Take a hike

I mentioned yesterday that there was a randonnée (group hike) scheduled. Just as the sun began to rise, I noticed a couple of people walking by our back gate and out the vineyard road. As it got lighter outside, more and more people came through. It was over an hour later when I thought to take this picture from the loft window.

The construction trailers are still out back, and the road's a mess, but the view of the golden autumn leaves at sunrise is still striking.

Many of the hikers had small backpacks, I assume for snacks and water. Some of these hikes can go twenty kilometers (about 12 miles). I don't know how long this one was. A lot of the people wore red coats, I presume to make them visible to the hunters. And the hunters did arrive at 09h00 as usual, and many hikers were still making their way through the vineyards.


  1. B'jour a deux, I thought you might like that soup recipe after a chilly walk.....Use a 3pint saucepan..... Fry 1 1/2 large diced onions in 1oz butter until transparent, add 1 1/2lbs . of diced pumpkin & 2 x 340grm tins of sweetcorn and sweat the veg for 10mins on a low heat. Add 1 1/4 pints of made up Marigold Swiss Bouillon stock & 1/2pint of whole milk & simmer for 20mins. Season. then blitz, but leave a bit of texture. Simple, but delicious! Good with cheese straws or croutons.

  2. Walt, if either you or Ken like playing with your photos a bit (in post processing), there's a nice freebie up on . Only today and you have to install it before the offer disappears off the site, so best to install it rightaway.

  3. Those hikes sound good to me.

  4. pats, thanks!

    mitch, judy, the hunters do, too. But it's a recent thing. When we were first here, they just wore their hunting green.

    elgee, I don't think I read the message in time, but thanks!

    evelyn, they would to me, too, except that we each walk the dog every day, so we get our walking in that way.


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