Wednesday, November 20, 2019


We're having a break in the rain. Still, the ground is saturated, soft, and muddy. The fallen leaves are wet and heavy. But there is still work to do. I got the deck table and chairs put away, and we've started moving outdoor plants into the greenhouse. I've still got the grill to clean and cover; maybe today.

The deck furniture is put away for the winter. The red maples are now golden and most of their leaves are on the ground.

On Tuesday I made good progress in the vegetable garden. All the stakes and supports are pulled out and stored away in the garden shed. I also pulled out the dead tomatoes and zukes as well as the remaining eggplant and pepper plants. Surprisingly, there was one nice eggplant and a good harvest of green peppers left on the plants. I'm glad I found them before they rotted.

This morning our low temperature is very close to zero and the attic windows are iced over.


  1. It’s raining here today! That view from your living room is absolutely wonderful!

  2. It seems like just a minute ago, that you were excitedly grilling something for dinner for the first time of the season. Now, it's putting-the-grille-away time already :)

  3. The view from your deck is beautiful any time of year!

  4. What a nice view. We're still picking tomatoes here, if slowly.

  5. mitch, it's even better in person. I can never get it to look right with the camera.

    judy, like sands through the hourglass... ;)

    bettyann, I agree!

    evelyn, :)

    chris, we've had a couple of frosts now, but the tomatoes were already done.


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