Sunday, November 17, 2019

Late bloomer

These campanules (bellflower) grow outside our front door and flower through the summer. Provided they get enough water, that is. During this year's hot and dry summer, keeping them watered was not easy because we were (and maybe still are) under watering restrictions. Ken and I save water from the kitchen for watering potted plants around the house and on the deck (especially the herbs), but sometimes there isn't enough to go around. So this year the campanules suffered a little.

The spikey plant is a variety of sedum that's quite invasive. We have to pull a lot of it out each year so that it doesn't crowd out the bellflowers.

Now that it's been raining again for about a month, a lot of the outdoor plants have come back to life. Our "grass" is a vibrant green, and the campanules have started flowering again. In spring and during a normal summer, the plant spreads out and there are many more flowers. Still, it's nice to see these few in mid-November.


  1. Oh, I'm glad to hear that your grass is green again. Whew, what a summer.

  2. Here's hoping the water levels get back to normal for you. Such beautiful gardens. Sorry about the grass, though; it just means you'll have to mow again.

  3. It must be a bit of a pain to carry water from your kitchen downstairs to the garden.

  4. judy, it's been the pattern for many years now. Summer brown, winter green. Reminds me of California.

    mitch, true. The question is, again this fall or not until spring?

    chris, it is. The kitchen water goes mainly to the deck plants, in normal conditions. We do have a rain barrel to collect water from the greenhouse roof.

    michael, ain't that the truth!


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