Friday, November 22, 2019


As in autumn, not tripping. The leaves are falling fast now. The maples in our front yard are almost bare. The linden out back still has a lot of leaves, but they're tumbling at a steady rate. The grape vines are nearly all bare now.

An autumn grape leaf.

Thursday's chores included a trip to the supermarket for some Beaujolais Nouveau. Ken brought back twelve bottles: six of one that we've enjoyed for many years, and one each from six other producers. The one we opened for lunch, called Le Chat Rouge, was very tasty. I'm looking forward to tasting our local gamay in the spring.

Another chore was the cleaning and covering of the grill. After disconnecting the gas bottle, I took a bucket of soapy water to the grill's exterior, then scraped the innards and cleaned the grease tray. I cranked the heat up to dry it all and burn off any stubborn food traces. When it cooled, the cover went on. No more grilling until spring.


  1. Too bad. We used to grill on our deck in the snow in Connecticut. It was often comical shoveling a path through the snow and standing outside in a parka but it sure did taste good.

  2. It IS great, that macro lens, isn't it? Great bokeh and sharpness!

  3. mitch, our winters are not as harsh as CT's, and the grill is on the deck, protected from most of the elements. Still...

    elgee, yes, I like it a lot, except that it's large and heavy!


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