Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Tasha Tuesday

Tasha is a fierce defender of the castle. She pays very close attention to the traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, on our little road. There isn't much, but she lets us know when anybody goes by. From the garbage collectors to the mail deliverer to the mayor to anyone strolling by (especially if they have a dog). Here she is in her defense pose, preparing to bark wildly as someone approaches.

A split second after I snapped the shutter, Tasha bolted over to the hedge and barked to defend her territory.

Yesterday I mentioned that the American holiday, Veterans' Day, is always celebrated on a Monday. One of my stalwart readers let me know that I was in error [hangs head in shame]. I should have done better research. However, my error could be forgiven in light of the fact that, during most of the 1970s (which seems to be the limit of my memory), Veterans' Day was indeed celebrated on Mondays under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act voted by Congress in 1968. They changed it back in 1978, but it still floats to Friday or Monday when the 11th falls on a weekend. This year, the 11th actually fell on a Monday, helping to trip me up. Mea culpa.


  1. Too old to be spanked for such a grave error?

  2. Mea culpa? Mea maxima culpa :-)!

  3. As the Catlicks say, Péché avoué est à moitié pardonné!

    What are those blue spots on the bottom left of the photo? Grape hyacinth? Chicory?

  4. What a view. What a beauty. A cousin just got a border collie pup. Turns out it’s her favorite breed.

  5. Oh, wow, I didn't know that we USED to celebrate it on Mondays, but they changed it back!

  6. I love her posture! She's emanating indignation: How dare you approach my property!

  7. What a stance! Tasha's ears are perked up and every part of her looks to be in a "I'm formidable! Don't mess with me! (pose)!!! Love her!

    Mary in Oregon

  8. andrew, much.

    jan, !!

    chm, those are rozanne geraniums, a perennial that I put there a couple of years ago.

    mitch, callie was a border collie. Beautiful, smart, and very energetic, like most sheep dogs.

    judy, a learning moment for both of us! LOL

    elgee, exactly. Or, come let me out of here!

    mary, she's a bundle of energy!


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