Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Éclairs au chocolat

Ken was out and about on Sunday morning and stopped at a bakery for some bread. Along with the bread, he brought home dessert: two chocolate eclairs. He said the bakery, one that's a few towns away, was filled with beautiful pastries.

Chocolate eclairs for dessert.

The éclairs were good and chocolaty, but not too rich. Just right, the way French bakers know how to do. It's nice to have so many good bakeries around, not only for bread, but also for the occasional tasty treat.


  1. Oh, those are gorgeous. We have a traditional bakery nearby that makes great bread but the pastries always look better than they taste.

  2. I would LOVE to bite into one of those!

  3. Those are quire remarkable. I, too, like that French pastries are sweet but not too too.

  4. There's a chain of fancy éclair shops opening up in London. Delicious and pretty to look at - at so they damn well should be, at £5 (€6) for one!


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