Sunday, November 24, 2019

The western wall

Not the Western Wall. This is a close up of the west side of the cabane du vigneron (grape grower's shed) out in the vineyard. I noticed that someone crumpled up a piece of paper and pressed it into a crack in the wall. I'm guessing that the paper wrapped a pastry or a sandwich. Shoving it into the wall was better than just dropping it on the ground.

The western wall.

Today is Sunday, which is hunt day. And I see that there's une randonnée (an organized group hike) scheduled. I can tell because someone has marked out the route with chalk arrows on the ground and some small signs pointing the way at certain strategic turns. The town facilitates these walks several times a year and they often pass through our hamlet and out through the vineyards. I find it weird that hikers are willing to stroll through the vineyards where hunters are shooting at pheasants.


  1. What a peculiar time to schedule a hike. Not one I would take!

  2. Sounds like mutually exclusive events to me. Walt, that piece of paper might be a map to buried treasure!

  3. And none of them were wearing flouro, well not the ones in Mareuil at 7:45 this morning anyway. They picked a soggy, foggy morning too

  4. Oh dear, now I have that Tom Lehrer song going through my head, about "two game wardens, seven hunters, and a cow."

  5. I thought people in Europe no longer hunted - don't know where I got that thought.

  6. mitch, we're usually out there on hunt days, but before the hunters arrive. It gets tricky around the solstice when the sun comes up much later, but we manage to get home before the shooting starts!

    bettyann, I'll never know... I ain't touching it! ;)

    judy, I didn't hear any gunshots yesterday, but I did see the hunters and their dogs.

    michael, a lot of them were in bright red. It was bright and sunny up here on the heights.

    emm, hehe!

    michael, tally-ho! Yes, they still do, at least in France.

  7. I just finished the newest book by John Le Carré so the hidden piece of paper in the rock wall made me think it might be a "drop box" with a message from a spy!!!

    Mary in Oregon


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