Monday, November 18, 2019

The wall

Here's the west-facing wall of the cabane du vigneron (grape grower's shed) out in the vineyards behind the house. I posted a closeup of these vines with grapes and red berries two weeks ago (Strange bedfellows). Since then, the pruners passed by and did their thing.

The grapes that grow on these vines are ornamental; nobody harvests them.

They have yet to do the south-facing wall. You might wonder why there's a five-liter wine "barrel" hanging against the wall. The plastic barrel's top is cut out and fitted with a wire mesh cage, and the barrel is filled with bird seed. It's suspended just above the ground. My guess is that it's there to attract and feed pheasants and probably other game birds, especially during the hunting season. I see a few of these hanging in other spots on the edges of the woods that surround the vineyards, but I've never seen anyone hanging or filling one.


  1. I love it. I thought the barrel was a utility box.

  2. Interesting about the barrel and the game birds. Geeeeze, the things we'd never think of.

  3. Maybe you don't see anyone filling those since they do it while you're cooking one of those delicious lunches you make lol.

  4. it is a curious matter and charming

  5. mitch, no utilities out there, I'm afraid.

    judy, I'm not so sure that it's fair play, but I'm not a hunter.

    evelyn, as long as it's not pheasant! lol

    michael, maybe I should call it "curious things around the vineyard?" ;)


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