Friday, November 01, 2019

Stretch those legs

I caught Tasha stretching her front legs on Thursday. I had the camera out (for something) and there she was in front of the sliding glass doors, so I took a photo. Then she stretched. Got it!

It may look like the sun's out, but that's just the leaves turning gold. It rained most of the day on Thursday.

Bert spent most of the night in the house last night. He sneaked in before I could close his door, so I just let him stay. Around three this morning he meowed, his signal that he's ready to go back out. So I got up and walked him downstairs. His door was open of course, but he likes to be escorted. Tasha spent most of the night on the bed. She uses my back for a pillow.


  1. After the wild and wooly life Bertie has led, I find it amusing that he now likes to be escorted to his exit. Perhaps, though, he's uncertain about negotiating the stairs.

  2. Maybe Bert just likes to let you know you are useful!

  3. Such a nice picture, Walt! I love all the warm colours and the lighting in your living room - the walls, the lamp shades, the carpets - love it! And regarding Bert: I can only agree with sillygirl :)). Cats are such considerate animals .. (NOT). ;)

  4. Chrissoup beat me to it!
    That is a very pleasant room, warm and welcoming. Nice colors.

  5. sheila, I don't think it's that; Bert has no problem with the stairs. He's up and down several times a day. And we have nightlights so the stairs are visible overnight.

    sillygirl, he's so thoughtful!

    chris, ha!

    elgee, I think he believes the door won't be open and I need to go with him to open it. That happened once and he came back up the stairs to get me.

    emm, thanks!

  6. Moose loves to sleep slammed up against SG. So I usually get half the bed to myself while SG has to share.

  7. I loved having a dog stretched out at my back- I miss those days.

  8. Beautiful view, this room, and this sweet dog :)
    Hey, did you notice that the photo makes it look like the lampshade on the corner light is actually over a light made out of your wine bottle?


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