Monday, November 04, 2019

Strange bedfellows

Or maybe I should say "strange vinefellows." One of these things is not grapes. These are some of the vines that grow on the wall of the old, and rarely used, cabane du vigneron (the grower's shed) out in the vineyard. The grapes aren't harvested for wine, but they do get nibbled on.

The grapes that haven't been eaten are beginning to rot. The red berries aren't grapes. Food for the wildlife!

Our wet days are continuing for a while and the temperatures are mild. I'm being attacked at night by a mosquito, or mosquitoes, as if it's summer. It's obviously warm enough for them to breed in all the puddles and other places where water accumulates. We need a good frost to be rid of them.


  1. Yeah, damned mosquitoes. I thought they were gone but now they're back. Anyway, that photo is stunning, incredible, brilliant! And I don't care if they're bedfellows or vinefellows, as long as they have nothing to do with politics.

  2. Mosquitoes = yuck
    Gorgeous colors in that photo!

  3. Yes! Lovely colours! Did you do any post processing?

  4. Yummy colors in those berries. I wonder if birds see colors, or are they like dogs, only black and white?
    Found some organic but neglected apples in the fridge, and I may try them in your tarte amandine.

  5. mitch, there's nothing like waking to the sound of mosquito buzzing around your head. Then you never quite get back to sleep, listening, waiting... and every little sensation becomes an itch.

    judy, yuck for sure!

    elgee, I take my photos in raw format, so I have to "develop" them with software before converting them to jpg. I use Adobe Lightroom.

    emm, good question!

  6. Walt, yes, that's what I do most of the time: take photos in RAW and then develop them. I used to have Lightroom and Photoshop for a long time, but I object to having to pay for it monthly, so I decided to get rid of both of them. I loved LR in particular though. Have you still got the standalone version?

    1. yes, I have stand-alone versions of PS and LR. Which means, of course, that I don't get updates with new features!

    2. Yes, I was considering that as well - no more updates, no more support, as of 2017 (I think). I've worked in education for years and we had huge price discounts from Adobe, but as I will be retiring fairly soon that will stop and I really think Adobe charges a lot! I'd rather pay once and then call it my own, however ... I've been stupid in not buying stand-alone versions when you still could. That's to say, I still have some somewhere, but that'll be a very old version of PS and LR 4. I'll deal with replacements now and jus be done with it.


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