Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Ruts o' ruck

On Monday the construction crew (who are working down on the main road) took away one of the trailers that they parked outside our back gate. It's the "office" they've been using to have their morning coffee and lunches in. Consequently, there was no other "activity" behind our house yesterday. I'm hoping it's a sign that the construction is over, but the other trailer and the front-loader are still parked out there.

This rut is at least a foot deep. That's our hedge on the left.

This is one of the ruts they've made over the past few weeks during their back-and-forth with the big dump trucks and the front-loader. I'm hoping that they will fill them and re-grade the area before they're done. Hope springs eternal.

In other news, our hedge guy stopped by yesterday to say they're going to start at 08h00 this morning. He said we'd talk about the tree removal when he gets here.


  1. Charming. And now I have Astro (and Mutley) in my head.

  2. Astro (and Mutley) - explain, please. ...or is it a private joke? Maybe comic characters???

  3. Maybe if you chat a bit with the road workers and lament the deep ruts, they'll get the hint and repair them. Ask them what they've been doing, legions of people worldwide want to know.

  4. mitch, ruh-roh.

    judy, :)

    mary, Astro was the Jetson's (cartoon) dog, and Mutley was Dick Dasterdly's (cartoon) dog. If you look them up on google, you can probably find video clips of the way the dogs talked (Astro) and laughed (Mutley). Classic American cartoons for people of a certain age.

    emm, I intend to talk to them directly (no hints) if I see them again. Otherwise, we'll mention it to the mayor.

  5. I watched the Jetsons - I just hadn't carved space out to save the connection with "Astro"! Merci for the explanation, Walt! I need to look up Dick Dasterdly - I'm sure I will remember once I see the animations!


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