Wednesday, November 27, 2019

California interlude

I'm out of photos. I haven't taken the camera outside in a while and I haven't taken many indoor photos, either. So here are some water lilies I saw at a winery in the Sierra foothills of California probably about seventeen years ago, before moving to France.

Almost like a painting by Monet.

I woke up to rain this morning. Again. Everything outside is a muddy mess. It's not cold, so there's no ice or frost. Or snow. But I can't take the dog down the hill on our walks because the path is like a tropical swamp and it's very slippery. Going out into the vineyard is ok as long as we stay on the road; the ground between the vines is too soft to walk on and stay dry, not to mention upright.


  1. Love it! You didn't have a digital camera then, did you?

  2. What a beautiful photo! Sunshine here after 4 days of rain last week. I wonder when we’ll see It again. It made for a nice change.

  3. Do they have Wellies for dogs?

  4. Beautiful photo, beautiful sunlight, and I hope you get some sun soon.

  5. chm, no. I was using Ken's kodak digital camera. It took pretty good pictures. We figured out that this was from September 2002, just before we drove down to Death Valley and Salton.

    mitch, we got a glimpse of the sun yesterday. Scattered showers today.

    sillygirl, I'm sure they do. Now I want to look it up. LOL

    judy, thank you!

    chris, us too!

  6. I originally misread this as "I woke up this morning. Again" and wondered why you thought this curious.

  7. michael, well, waking up again is something to be thankful for! ;)


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