Saturday, November 30, 2019

The cheese course

I set out three cheeses for the Thanksgiving meal. The tall one is called Petit Basque, from the southwest (Basque country), made from ewes' milk. The white one is called pont-l'évêque, from Normandy, made from cows' milk. The small one is called cantal, from the Auvergne region of the central mountains, also made from cows' milk.

Cheeses don't have to be whole and untouched to serve, even to guests. The wine is a local sauvignon (I took the photos before we ate), but we drank Beaujolais with the cheese course.

To add a little holiday flair, we ate "fresh" figs along with the cheese. These are figs from a local friend's tree, trimmed and frozen whole by me back in September. I let four of them thaw at room temperature and they tasted almost as if they were fresh off the tree.

Four frosty figs to eat with cheese. They still had some thawing to do when I took the picture.

We're now enjoying leftovers for a few days. We ate cold lamb, steamed potatoes, and broccoli with mayonnaise on Friday and Ken's planning to make a lamb curry for Sunday lunch. Over the next few days, we'll do something with the leftover beans.


  1. Those frosty figs make things festive!

  2. This looks so delicious...My mother always made curried lamb after we had had a leg of lamb. Happy memories.

  3. Georges Duboeuf was the Beaujolais available when we lived in Wisconsin! Is it a bestseller there, too? Those figs do look very fresh and delicious!

    Mary in Oregon

  4. Wonderful cheese board and dessert, Walt! I know that's not how you had them, but the frosty figs look the more appetizing for it.

  5. I didn't realize you could freeze figs for later delectability. Good idea.
    That same Beaujolais Nouveau was being offered at Trader Joe's the other day. If you recommend it, I'll go get some.

  6. What a beautiful meal. Bon appétit!

  7. judy, I think food should be appetizing-looking. You take the first bite with your eyes!

    mitch, or France...

    evelyn, I think they're festive, too!

    thickethouse, Ken's going to do that today.

    mary, they're a big producer, that's for sure.

    elgee, they do, but we ate them thawed. :)

    emm, we tasted 7 nouveaux this year... they were all good, with that "edge" of acidity common in young wine. One, the Chat Rouge, was less edgy and more rounded. Delicious! It was the favorite. But you should go ahead and try the DuBœuf and see what you think.

    chris, merci !


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