Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Burrito bros.

Every once in a while we get a craving for burritos, like the ones we used to get in our neighborhood Cal-Mex place in San Francisco: La Corneta Taqueria. Unfortunately, we can't make them the way they did, but our approximations aren't too bad. This time, we stuffed supermarket flour tortillas with Ken's pulled pork barbecue (seasoned with Mexican spices), black beans, and rice. Then we topped them with cheese and baked them in the oven.

A home-made "French" burrito.

Often, we'll put the cheese inside then wrap each burrito in foil for the oven. That makes for a softer texture. Without the foil, the tortilla gets a little crispier. The ingredients we use vary depending on what we've got around. At the table, we add guacamole (fresh avocado is best, but this time the guac' came from a jar), salsa, cream (crème fraiche stands in for sour cream), and some fresh cilantro. Yum!


  1. I, too, miss some of the Mexican food I used to eat when in Southern California. That's life!

  2. Looks good, I wonder if District Taco is doing take out or delivery?

    1. Travel, which District Taco are you talking about? I didn't know there was one on Lee Highway close to my place in Arlington. When the Covid-19 confinement is over (very soon, according to the Orange Menace), I'll try it.

    2. Have you used that term, before CHM? I like it. I think I will start calling him the Orange Menace as well - especially with this latest idea of his (getting US back on track by Easter).
      That burrito sounds so tasty, Walt! I will now need to buy a pork to roast for some pulled pork. You guys really can make this shopping for groceries expensive. I've spent more money on a weekly basis than ever - just in the last two weeks. I think it is because that is the only shopping I can do and I have been limited in going whenever I wanted to get out. At least you have a lot in your freezer - I have been trying to thin mine out, too - it just doesn't have nearly the selection that yours seems to have.

  3. Well, maybe you can't make them the way they did, but the way you did, looks, and sounds, marvelous. Yumm!

  4. This makes me hungry! The picture and your description!

  5. We had quesadillas for dinner last night but I will definitely make your burritos soon. They look delish!
    And speaking of substitutions, can I sub sour cream for creme fraiche in French recipes? You can tell I’m not much of a cook, right?

  6. looks dee-lish, no matter how ya fix it! hope you and ken are keeping safe.

  7. chm, can you get some delivered?

    mitch, a man's gotta eat!

    travel, hungry? :)

    mary, thinning the freezer out is a noble goal. I hope we're successful.

    judy, it's like Beatlemania: not the real thing, but an incredible simulation! lol

    michael, :)

    bettyann, I'm not sure. Crème fraiche isn't sour at all (as you know), so I'm not sure the substitution would work in that direction.

    anne marie, we're staying in, except for dog walking. It's nice to have a vineyard out back.


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