Monday, March 30, 2020

Vineyard view

Work has steadily continued in the vineyards through our confinement. Most, if not all, of the parcels around us are pruned. And, since I snapped this photo on Saturday, the cut canes have been ground into mulch. What's left to do now is what's called le pliage (the folding). Vineyard workers will bend each remaining cane to the horizontal and fasten them to the support wires. Then Mother Nature will take over and the vines will grow.

The vine canes are covered in buds. Soon leaves will appear, then the grape flowers. Spring is here.

The weather has taken a turn back toward winter. We're having wind again. This time it's a cold wind from the northeast. But no rain. I was able to get my burn pile burned before the wind started up. Soon I'll till up the part of the garden where I plant climbing beans and snow peas. It's also time to start seedlings in the greenhouse.


  1. I love these views. That greenhouse work will be so satisfying. All we can do right now is trim and water. Nothing to plant. And we were looking forward to getting a variety of hibiscus and starting again.

  2. And the cycle continues. I enjoy watching your changing seasons.

  3. We had high winds the last two days, but yesterday brought gorgeous sun, no clouds, blue sky, and temperatures up near 70F. It was a beautiful day to be out for a walk in the neighborhood, and lots of people were out (keeping their distance).

  4. We've now got pouring rain; my friend just called and at the end she said, "stay inside and keep warm!" as if I needed such a suggestion! Longing for your sunny weather and 70 degrees, Judith!

    Thank goodness the pruning and maintenance of the vineyard continues. We all need a little wine during hard times!!!

    Mary in Oregon

  5. mitch, I wonder about going to the garden center. I've heard they're authorized to be open (lots of people grow their own food around here). I can get by with some old seeds, if they'll sprout.

    bettyann, sometimes they change too fast, other times, not fast enough!

    judy, that sounds nice! We're having the blue skies, but not those temperatures. Yet. ;)

    mary, we need to get some more! lol.

  6. I am glad to hear about you planting seeds. I see them as a promise - a promise things will be there later on and we will be there to witness it.

  7. Totally positive, Ur-spo! I like that! During these stressful times, why not be positive?


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