Sunday, March 08, 2020

Not today

This photo is from last week, during a brief period of sun. Today, we're expecting some wind (not bad) and rain. I've just read on the Météo France web site that this has been the warmest winter on record in France. And among the wettest, with unusually frequent and strong storms in December and February.

Blue sky and sun! Better for making spirits bright than bells on bobtails.

Even though it hasn't been cold and snowy, the wind and rain have had the same effect. That is, keeping us indoors most of the time. I'm looking forward to some milder weather and getting out to work in the garden. The grass is green and growing fast. I wonder when the first "mow" day will be? Since we've lived here, the earliest I've cut the grass was March 18. That was in 2017.


  1. What a vista! Maybe the rain will make its way here.

  2. I've seen others out cutting their lawns here in mid-Oregon (near the freeway) but then the landscapers cut lawns even during the rain (probably to justify their weekly jobs!). I went by my empty lot last week and the weeds (not grass!) were no different than in Nov/Dec so I don't have to rush to string-trim it! Maybe Bert caught one and ate it before he came inside?

    Lovely blue you've captured with your camera! Any technological changes done to get that color?

  3. Maybe Bert caught a mouse (I'm sure you figured that out!).

  4. I wonder what global warming will do with all the wine?

  5. mitch, I don't think it was heading in your direction. ;)

    judy, and all the brightness felt good!

    mary, I turned down the brightness of the blue and saturated it a little.

    michael, we'd better hurry and drink up!


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