Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Vineyard view [2]

We're still having clear, starry nights and that means chilly mornings. It also means nice sunrises. The wind seems to have died down, but the air is still blowing from the north-northeast, adding to the chill. I had a fire in the wood stove most of the day on Sunday and Monday.

Saturday's sunrise over the vineyard.

We're going to have to place another drive order this week. We're running low on Tasha's wet food and Bert's kibble. Bert's got plenty of wet food for now, and Tasha's kibble supply is not too low at the moment. Of course, if I were feeling brave, I would just go to the supermarket as I normally would, taking certain precautions, of course. We'll see.


  1. Beautiful ... I was going to say "colors" but beautiful everything. Raining, again, here and rained all night.

  2. I love your vineyard shots. I think I use them as a sort of 'clock' to remind me of the seasons and where we are in them. thanks

  3. A beautiful sunrise! Keep safe. A drive through order sounds like a good idea.

  4. You know, I realize we're not in the hotbed area, that France is, but, thinking about it, we decided that a quick run to the grocery store, ourselves, is maybe less exposure than delivery would be. With delivery, you're getting things touched by someone who has been touching everything in the store, all day, every day, and breathing on your stuff. We're fortunate (I hope) to have big stores where there is plenty of room between you and anyone else there, and since you are supposed to need 15 minutes of close exposure to someone, to catch the virus via air, we decided to risk doing our own shopping (lots of sanitizing and hand washing and cart-handle sanitzing, in the process, of course).

  5. I agree with you, Judith! I heard an interview yesterday on PBS with a grocery shopper for others. She and her group were demanding higher pay for the risks they are taking everyday. They are not only handling your items but all day long they are in the store finding things for their other customers, touching all of those items over and over, again.
    Like you, my stores have wide aisles and except in the frozen food aisle it is easy to stay 6 ft away from other shoppers. My timing so far has been effective, too. Just lucky, I guess. My notions tell me older people are following the rules religiously and so when the hours for seniors are posted, I avoid them thinking it will be busier than normal and choose other times.

    Lovely lavender sunrise!

  6. mitch, we're still in sunny and dry, but chilly.

    michael, :)

    thickethouse, I hope so.

    judy, sounds like a reasonable approach.

    mary, I would think items in the store have been handled pretty much the same whether you go inside to do your own shopping or have a store employee do it.


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