Wednesday, March 25, 2020

More primroses

Our morning low temperatures are flirting with zero (freezing) right now. So far, we've stayed above freezing. I've seen no evidence of the grape growers putting out smudge pots or burning hay bales to fight against a freeze. Yesterday, I heard the helicopter-like sound of big fans blowing in the distance, but not many vineyards around us are so equipped.

Purple primevères in a neighbor's yard.

Meanwhile, we're still enjoying the spring bloom. Trees, shrubs, and bulbs are putting on their annual show. These primroses are in a neighbor's garden across the road from us. Those neighbors, like many others here, don't live here year round, so we haven't seen them in a while. Their grass has grown quite tall and they'll have a big chore waiting for them when they're able to get here.


  1. Well, it's 14C here right now and I turned he heat back on in my office! Glad we've got some things blooming around the house and terrace.

  2. Take your hand sanitizer for the outing- or wash your hands when you return.

  3. I noted the grocery had a nice display of primroses for sale. Yours can be enjoyed everyday, however! Around me, there are beautiful periwinkle and along the streets I've enjoyed the flowering fruit trees in all their majestic whites, pinks and lavender colors! Our lows have been in the 40's so I think our freezing temps have gone (I hope!).

  4. mitch, I'm looking forward to hitting 14º soon. We were up to 10 or 12 yesterday.

    evelyn, I don't have any sanitizer, but I do wash my hands. :)

    mary, we're not out of frost danger until mid-May. Ugh!


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