Thursday, March 12, 2020


Another spring favorite, the forsythia is starting to bloom. It's farther along now; this photo is a few days old. I'm still not taking the camera out much right now, preferring to wait for better weather. This morning it's breezy, but relatively warm.

I'll try to get a better shot soon. I had the wrong lens on the camera for this one.

I ventured out again (in the car) yesterday, the second time since I returned from my trip about four weeks ago. Except, of course, for dog walking. I loaded up the recycling and took it to the recycle center, stopped in the hardware store for a couple of things, and did some grocery shopping. I did wipe down the grocery cart handle before I used it and did a good hand-washing when I got home.

Some of our houseplants have scale insects. They seem to get them every spring. I tried a home remedy of soap, vegetable oil, and alcohol, but the bugs came back. So I got a commercial product to use on them.


  1. We have a regular problem with scale on the terrace and gave up on the soap cure. Such a mess. So frustrating. I love forsythia. We had so much in Connecticut, I would force some in the bathtub every year.

  2. Beautiful forsythia! Neem oil is often a good cure for indoor and outdoor plant ailments and it’s easy to use.

  3. I love forsythia- I'm trying to root some for our backyard.

  4. That forsythia is a true sign of spring....Ours is still living in winter.

  5. mitch, did you switch to a commercial product for the scale? Or did you get rid of the susceptible plants?

    bettyann, not sure where I'd find that... I'll have to google it!

    evelyn, good luck!

    thickethouse, it won't be long...

    1. It came back even when we tried commercial products. We gave up on a couple of plants. It was just too much maintenance. We have two huge cacti that regularly get it. SG cleans them with alcohol and Q tips!


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