Monday, March 16, 2020

Lost and found

During a recent walk through the vineyards with Tasha, I noticed something very red on the ground. It was this pair of eyeglasses, most likely dropped by one of the pruning crew who were working out there a couple of weeks ago. I picked them up and hung them on a support wire at the end of a vine row thinking that whoever lost them might come back to look for them.

Eyeglasses in the rain.

They're still out there, so either their owner isn't missing them or just doesn't want them. Seems strange as they look pretty new. I did the same thing with a heavy-duty work glove I found out there one year. I put it on a post near where I found it. It waved at passers-by for about a year before somebody took it down. Oh well, life is funny like that.


  1. That’s a very nice pair of glasses. I guess itinerant workers don’t have the opportunity to check back. Or maybe the employer provides the glasses.

  2. Most of my things are red: cellphone cover, glasses, and what-not. This way when I lose'em I can find them easier.
    My first thought seeing your photo is these were mine!

  3. What Ur-spo said.
    People do this where we live too. A couple of weeks ago, Tony noticed his keys on a fence post a couple of blocks from our house. He knew he'd lost them, but they were left a bit of a distance from where he thought they'd fallen off his bike. I was able to find my favorite hat last year when I retraced my steps.

  4. So now the zoo is closed. In California, the governor has said that all people over 65 would stay sequestered (imprisoned?) in their homes. It feels like we're living in a sci-fi movie.

  5. mitch, no idea.

    michael, ha!

    chris, cool! When Tasha lost her collar in the vineyard, some nice person found and and brought it to the house.

    diane, sure does. I hope it ends well.

  6. Bet it's so nice to take a walk over there. Just followed you in here, btw! :)


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