Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Tasha Tuesday

On days without strong wind, Tasha and I can walk through the woods. When it's windy, I'm wary of falling branches so I stay out in the open. Tasha loves going through the woods. There must be a different variety of smells to experience in there.

Approaching the artsy organized neighbor's installations on a sunny, calm, afternoon.

Speaking of wind, we had some strong (but not violent) wind overnight with rain. I did not hear the carport roof flapping at all. That means that the short term fix we did to stabilize it is working. Yay!


  1. Your renovations did the trick. No need to do anything more.

  2. What a great photo, love the shadows. And, of course, any picture that includes Tasha is perfect!

  3. Speaking of the corona virus, a big health conference was scheduled here in Florida yesterday which tRump was supposed to attend. It was canceled, thank goodness.

  4. Great sun/star burst there!

  5. judy, you can say that again!

    mitch, we shall see...

    bettyann, it's strange when they cancel a health conference over health concerns...

    elgee, yes! I got lucky.


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