Thursday, March 26, 2020


These red tulips pop up on the south-facing end of our house every year. They were already here when we moved in almost seventeen years ago. We didn't see them until spring of 2004, though. So here they are this year, looking pretty healthy. I have a special affinity for tulips. My home town was a Dutch colony, founded way back in 1609 when Henry Hudson sailed up the river. Before that it was part of Mohican (as in "Last of the...") territory. Since 1948, the city has held an annual Tulip Festival in May to celebrate its colonial heritage. This year's festival, as you might expect, has been postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Bright red tulips in the early spring sun.

Tulips that I planted two years ago in another part of the yard were, you might remember, eaten by rodents. Out of about a dozen bulbs, there remain two. Each plant has one flower, a purple and a yellow. I was really discouraged, but I just need to put something else in place of the tulips. Daffodils, for example, seem not to attract the bulb-munching rodents, so maybe that's the best bet.


  1. merci pour ces photos de fleurs... confinés en appartement en région parisienne, nous n'en voyons pas beaucoup ces jours-ci !

  2. I love tulips. We had so many in Connecticut. These are especially beautifully against the sunlit stucco.

  3. Beautiful tulips, beautiful photo!

  4. Such beautiful tulips! Love the photo with the shadows and the tulips against a light background. I cannot grow them anymore because we have so many deer now. But I love daffodils and have many kinds...

  5. Tulips are my favourite flower. Their arrival means that winter is behind us. (Something you can't completely guarantee in our part of the UK!)

  6. Beautiful tulips. I hope your trip went well.

  7. Oh, your tulips are blooming already! Ours are another week away, probably.
    Did you get to see the Tulip Festival in May when you two got married? Was that part of the timing?

  8. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything you ordered will arrive in the delivery at the store. The framing of your tulips is very attractively done (love those shadows! - SUN!!!)

  9. christiane, je vous en prie. :)

    mitch, I'm glad they've survived for so long.

    bettyann, thanks!

    thickethouse, we put up a fence when we moved here to keep the dog (Collette) in the yard. It has the added benefit of keeping the deer out!

    jean, it's nice to see them in the spring.

    evelyn, I'll let you know!

    judy, there were tulips, and I saw them again in 2016, but we/I didn't attend the festival itself.

    mary, me too! And thanks!


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