Friday, March 27, 2020


I think this is a variety of hellebore, but I'm not sure. I didn't plant them, they come up in our neighbor's garden across the road. When they're not at their vacation house, Ken and I will often walk through their grassy property with Tasha, partly to keep an eye on things and partly to vary our route, especially when the vineyard road is a muddy mess.

Hellebores are "hellébores" in French. That makes it easy to remember.

But there's no mud to speak of right now. A week of dry weather, with more to come, has let the water run off and seep in. I'm going to have to cut the grass soon, but first I'll need to venture out for some gasoline. I'm going to the supermarket and the pharmacy this morning, but I'm not sure I want to add the gas station to that trip. I'm going to see if the pharmacy has any disinfectant wipes that we can use, among other things, to wipe the handles of the gas pumps before using them. That's probably a good practice anyway, but I never thought to do it before this coronavirus thing.


  1. I don't think I've ever seen these flowers. Kind of alien looking. I love them. If you can find disinfectant wipes, keep that information to yourself. I don't know anyone anywhere who has found any.

  2. lots of pretty flowers this week, walt. we need their beauty to stay grounded. stay well.

  3. I had a lot of hellebores in my garden in North Carolina. I love them, thanks for the photo.

  4. I used paper towel from the dispenser at the gas station (normally for drying after you use windshield cleaner), as a barrier between me and the gas pump handle. Awkward, but worked.
    Do you say poignée for gas pump handle, too? How do you say gas pump, anyway?

  5. I have a box of disposal plastic gloves that I keep in my car. I'm now using them when I pump gas, then toss in the trash.

  6. I'm wondering how you fared today on your trip to St Aignan. Were you stopped at all/did you have to show your attestation? Did you get your gasoline or did you decide against getting it?

  7. mitch, not to worry, I didn't find disinfectant wipes. I really didn't expect to.

    anne marie, you too!

    bettyann, I've only noticed them here. I wonder if they have them in California?

    judy, I brought a bunch of eyeglass cleaning wipes back from the US in February. They're mostly alcohol, so I'm using those. And I think a gas pump is un distributeur d'essence.

    diane, good idea!

    elgee, that's the topic of today's post! :)


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