Tuesday, November 02, 2021

A darker shade of red

The parade of autumn leaves continues. This red one is a little darker than the others. As usual, I don't know what variety of grape this belongs to.

Some stubborn green among the reds and golds. This could be sauvignon blanc.

The holiday weekend is over and kids go back to school today. As usual, our neighborhood was practically full, with people at the Air B&B two doors down and our neighbors' house across the road hosting part of their extended family (adult children, grandkids, and two huge dogs) for a weekend getaway.

While the Air B&B people usually spend their days away (most likely at the zoo), the neighbors' people spend theirs in their yard and out walking in the vineyard. Yesterday they were out back flying a kite. We also see other people walking, biking, mopedding, and quadding through the vineyard and past our house that we don't normally see. Not to mention the hunters on Sunday and Monday (holidays are hunt days). Tasha gets a lot of barking in as people pass by. Today most of the visitors are gone and the hamlet should be relatively quiet for a while.


  1. It must be nice to have peace and quiet again, although it doesn’t sound unpleasant in your neighhorhood.

  2. That sounds as if the weekend was very active and interesting, if a bit noisier than usual.
    I like the red-almost-maroon in that leaf, very pretty. It's almost -- wait for it -- wine colored.

  3. mitch, not unpleasant (except for the growling and barking of one shetland sheepdog), but busier than usual.

    judy, still waiting...

    emm, ha!


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