Monday, November 22, 2021

The walnut tree

There were hardly any walnuts on this tree this year. In those years when there's a good crop, the nuts are too small to be worth taking. The wildlife gets most of them.

The vineyard walnut tree on a chilly and damp November morning.

The weather continues to be typically fall-like. Windless foggy days. Dew-drenched grass. Water dripping from the trees. One day soon, the high pressure systems will start to falter and the cold fronts will resume their march across France, bringing winter winds and rain (and maybe snow).


  1. Typical winter view. Where are the blue skies? Gone south?

  2. I love the photo. The road looks like it leads to the Shire.

  3. Some years ago, you made us a fabulous walnut pie of fresh-picked nuts. Not from this tree, I guess.

  4. A wonderfully evocative picture. It makes me think we just missed seeing Napoleon, slouching in his saddle, cape flying in the wind, as he heads homeward.

    1. Emm, you have an imaginative and poetic mind!

  5. chm, we've actually had some sun in recent days. I'm not sure the weather down south is any better...

    mitch, I thought I saw Gandalf in the distance...

    chris, probably from the tree of our friends a couple of towns over. Theirs is prolific with good sized walnuts.

    emm, maybe it wasn't Gandalf after all...


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