Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Tasha Tuesday

While taken in roughly the same location as the last Tasha Tuesday post, this photo is three weeks newer. Tasha looks smaller because I used the 24mm wide angle lens for this one instead of the 50mm lens I normally use. All that means is that, with this photo, you get to see more of the landscape.

Another view of the vineyard parcel that's being dug up this fall.

The sky is clear and the moon is shining brightly this morning, and the temperature is a degree or so above freezing. Novembrrrr is living up to its name.


  1. Great shot with the side angle lens (although Tasha, the beauty, should be the biggest part of the image). You said it! Brrr!

  2. I just got up, and checked the temperature... 27°F!

  3. mitch, I need to take more close ups!

    judy, yikes!

    evelyn, see above!


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