Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Tasha Tuesday

With morning temperatures in the single digits (celsius), our sunrise walks with Tasha are brisk. It's nowhere near bone-chilling cold; we haven't had a freeze yet. It's just crisp and frosty enough to keep us moving. It's quite invigorating. Tasha takes it in stride, as it were. Her thick coat (do I need to say that she needs a good brushing?) keeps her warm enough, I suspect.

Tasha on the vineyard road on a foggy fall morning.

We can feel the holiday season approaching. Thanksgiving is next week (for us Americans) and we'll be going out to shop for the annual leg of lamb a day or two before. The store circulars are already filled with ads for holiday foods, toys, and decorations. I need a new string of lights. Ho, ho, ho!


  1. I do love that shaggy dog (don’t tell her I called her a dog). Single digits and not bone-chilling? It was 15 the other evening, SG said THAT was bone-chilling.

  2. Leg of lamb sounds excellent for Thanksgiving, look forward to hearing the details of the menu. I loathe the processed, dry commercial turkeys that are foisted on us.

  3. mitch, funny thing for a guy from SD.

    michael, :)

    emm, we've been doing the T-Day lamb thing for as long as I can remember. It comes in handy in France, since whole turkeys are generally not available until Christmas time.

  4. The tree that hides the forest?


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