Tuesday, November 09, 2021

From where I sit

This is the view from the den window looking toward the west forty. It's mostly leaves and this time of year the leaves are golden. On the left is a tilleul (linden), in the middle are two pommiers (apples), and on the right is the Himalayan cedar. Soon all the leaves on the deciduous trees will drop and I'll have a better view of the yard and the vineyard beyond.

The vegetable garden is just visible in the lower center. That spot of blue is a tarp.

I have a routine doctor appointment this morning. This afternoon we're expecting the company that maintains our central heating boiler to reconnect the exhaust system to the old chimney. I'm hopeful that (a) they show up, (b) the work goes smoothly, and (c) that it solves the problem of the flame going out. Still no news from the deck contractor.


  1. The desk contractor must be related to the landscape contractor. (Nice view.)

  2. Is that a blue apple left on the tree?

  3. I predict there will be a lot of leaves for you to rake up in your near future! Beautiful view!

  4. mitch, at least the landscaper got here and got the job (and then some) done!

    evelyn, :)

    chm, it's a tarp covering a pile of yard waste. :)

    mary, I probably won't rake those, just mulch 'em into the lawn with the mower.


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