Sunday, November 28, 2021


One of the vineyard parcels that was torn up recently has now been plowed. Except for a strip leading to the pile of grape trunks in the middle. Interesting. Will the trunks be taken away? Burned between now and spring? Who can say?

There's an even bigger parcel on the left that hasn't been plowed. But the trunks are gone.

Lunch plans for today's hachis parmentier (shepherd's pie) have been modified. Ken's making a lamb and barley soup instead. He also put away enough lamb to make a curry and a tajine (spicy north African stew) in the coming days. The soup is going to get a lot of stuff out of the freezer, so that's good. And with our chilly, windy, and showery weekend, the soup will be a perfect meal.


  1. I have fond memories of a beef and barley soup in a restaurant in Van Horn, Texas. I still can taste it!
    It probably would have been better if they had used lamb or mutton instead of beef.

  2. As new residents in France, we were somewhat concerned when the vines that were overlooked by our end of village house were dug up. We feared a housing estate! But after a year or two the cleared ground was replanted with more vines and more wine was produced. Plus we got a free show of the timings of planting and the fantastic 'automatic sat.nav. controlled' digger, spacer, planter and waterer. The trunks were very popular for traditional BBQs and woodburners.

  3. Soup is the perfect meal for that weather. The photo reminds me of a Van Gogh.

  4. Do you know the term 'stone soup'? Some of my best (and worst) soups were made from things lurking in the freezer.


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