Friday, November 26, 2021


Corn stalked, that is. They still stand, in this parcel and in another larger one. I've seen a few cobs on the ground nearby, stripped of their kernels. I guess it's wildlife. Deer? Boar? Badgers? No idea.

These are pretty spindly corn stalks. They don't get irrigated, except by nature.

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Our leg-of-lamb meal was a success and there are plenty of leftovers. I think the plan for today is sliced cold lamb with Ken's home-made mayonnaise. An hachis parmentier (shepherd's pie) is likely over the weekend. And who knows what else? Ken took some photos of the meal and put them up on his blog today.


  1. Glad you, Ken, and the wildlife are well fed.

  2. Le gigot d’agneau was roasted to perfection.

  3. A walk in the fields at this time of the year can be magical.

  4. If you had a cow you could feed them that fodder. I saw a lot of corn growing in my old Kentucky home. It was good seeing it here today.

  5. mitch, don't forget the pets!

    chm, Ken did a lot of research and we had a little luck, too.

    travel, so true!

    evelyn, I wondered whether someone was doing just that. No answers so far!

  6. I have never made leg of lamb; it is on my list of things to try to make some day.


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