Saturday, November 06, 2021

I got plenty o' nuttin'

And nuttin's plenty for me. I'm expecting a calm weekend. Cold weather, but no rain or snow (!) predicted. Today is semi-finals day at the Paris Open, the last Masters level event of the tennis season, with the final on Sunday. Most of the Asian tournaments were canceled this year. The next big event for the men is the ATP Championship, this year being held in Turin, Italy. After that, the 2022 season starts up in January.

There are still some wildflowers blooming out in the vineyards.

I'll probably try to get some wood cut up to burn today and tomorrow. It's nice to have a fire and it helps to save on heating fuel oil. We'll be feasting on leftovers from last week's meals for the next couple of days. No plans to go to the market today. The sun comes up around 07h45 this morning and Tasha and I will head out for a crisp fall morning walk.


  1. Cold(er) here, too.

    Beautiful photo.

  2. I guess pissenlit means it’s a diuretic. No?

    1. It looks like there is a spider’s web in the making?

  3. Colder here also. I cleared my history and hoping this will post.

  4. 30s and 40s F here, at night, but it's going to hit almost 70 tomorrow. Odd ups and downs.

  5. Reading your last paragraph I thought, "Well, that's what happiness sounds like." Cutting wood, having a fire, yummy leftovers, and a crisp autumn walk with your lovely dog.

  6. mitch, the fire was nice.

    chm, haha! And yes, it looks like a web there.

    evelyn, success!

    judy, wow! Enjoy the good days!

    kiwi, another day in paradise! ;)


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