Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Ear in the husk

This ear of corn is still attached to its stalk, but it's been opened and the kernels have been nibbled. I'm thinking chevreuil (roe deer). They're tall enough to stand next to the stalk and easily reach the ears.

This ear didn't get very big, but it provided a couple of tasty, I'm sure, mouthfuls to some deer.

Another day starting out at freezing, or a little lower depending on where you stand. Yesterday I sawed some more old grape vine trunks for the wood burner, and I burned a good deal of them. I may be out there again today to do some more.

I'm planning a market run to the nearby town of Montrichard on Friday. I want to check out our poultry vendor's calendar for the holidays so we'll know when to place our order for the Christmas bird and when, and where, to pick it up. This year is tricky because Christmas Day falls on Saturday, the day of the regular market here in Saint-Aignan (our poultry vendor does both markets each week). I'm sure it's fallen on a Saturday before, but I don't remember the details of how that affected the market schedule.


  1. Those local markets are so fun,

  2. That sprightly golden nastursium is such a great contrast to the greyness of the wintery photos you've been posting.

  3. I hope getting a bird is easy and the visit to Montrichard is pleasant. Today’s photos is unusual and beautiful.

  4. travel, yes! Unless it's cold and raining...

    evelyn, it was! This time we added apples to the mix. Sliced apples with melted cheese. Yum!

    sheila, it's always nice to see a little color. :)

    mitch, getting the bird is usually not a problem. The poultry vendor lets customers pick up their orders at the workshop when going to the market is not convenient.


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