Thursday, November 11, 2021

Another one bites the dust

I've mentioned the vineyard parcel close to our house that's being taken out. Like many parcels out there, the vines are old and many have died. The grower will replant this parcel with the same grape: sauvignon blanc. There are a lot of parcels farther out that have been dug up in the past year or two. Nothing's been replanted yet. Maybe next spring we'll see some new vines out there. As for this parcel, it probably won't be replanted before two years, allowing the soil to rest and regain nutrients.

A small section of the parcel being cleared. The vines in the background with leaves are staying put. That's our hedge and garden shed in the upper right. I'll try to take a few more photos in the next few days.

Since I took this photo, the remaining posts have been removed and the pruned vine canes have been mulched. The next step should be removing the vine trunks and probably burning them before the parcel is left fallow. There are at least three parcels that I can think of that have been replanted since we moved here. The process is interesting and I'm hopeful that I can get some good photos when it happens.


  1. It’s such a fascinating process, and makes for beautiful and interesting photos by you.

  2. Did they sow alfalfa or clover on those fallow parcels?

  3. Callie enjoyed those sticks so much!

  4. Interesting!
    Now that song is running through my head.

  5. mitch, it's fun to watch, year after year.

    chm, I haven't seen any, but I'll keep looking.

    evelyn, yes she did!

    chris, try Weird Al's version: Another One Rides the Bus.


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