Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Come, mister tally man

With four quickly ripening bananas in the kitchen, what was I to do but make a loaf of banana bread? The recipe is a basic, standard recipe. The only modifications I made was to cut the sugar (I used cassonade instead of white sugar) down by half and to add walnuts. The recipe is quick to put together and the batter baked for one hour, exactly as the recipe said it would.

A loaf of banana bread. It's actually more like a cake than a bread.

We're down to just about freezing this morning, according to the thermometer on the outside of our house. I'm sure it will be below freezing out in the vineyards. It's my morning to walk, so I will certainly bundle up!


  1. That's beautiful I like the way the center is raised and the nuts are placed around the loaf. Mama would be proud.

  2. Please, keep a slice for me, I’ll be right there!

  3. Boy, that must be delicious -- it looks wonderful.
    Walt, how are you two liking the induction cook top? My sister is looking to get a new electric stove (even though she prefers gas... husband... who doesn't really cook... is adamant that it be electric).

  4. We were down to just about 50F this morning! That’s far enough, thank you. The bread looks so good. We were just talking about banana bread during lunch today. Time (for SG) to bake some.

  5. joanna, thanks! The center raised on its own, I didn't plan it that way. :)

    chm, there's still some left... hurry!

    judy, we like the induction. The most striking things are how fast it boils water and how low the simmers can go. Low simmers on gas are not easy, unless the stove has an on-off feature. We had a Thermador in SF that did that and we liked it. The induction cooktop is easy to clean, but it needs to be cleaned often because every drip and drop and smear shows (it's a black top -- I wonder if other colors are available?).

    jean, :)

    mitch, I've broken out the long johns for the season.


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