Friday, November 12, 2021

Another look across the road

This view is already a week old, and the leaves are dropping fast. Fall is doing its thing and, before we know it, it will be done. So let's enjoy the colors again! The hedges and the grass will stay green through the winter.

The view from our deck. That's our Blois neighbors' vacation house.

I took a huge car load of recycling to the recycle station yesterday. I had been planning to go to the dump on Thursday until I realized it was a holiday. That will have to wait until next week now. I spent the rest of the morning clearing yard waste from the garden plot. With fire. We're not supposed to burn, but no one seems to pay attention to the rules, not even the mayor. I've seen smoke rising from her yard a couple of times already this season. So I picked a calm, cloudy morning and did the same. It was all over very quickly.


  1. Beautiful colors. I love houses with shutters that actually work. I remember fake suburban shutters on 1950s houses when I was a kid. I wondered if there were any fire regulations where you are.

  2. Jolie composition de couleurs!

  3. Re: the dump being closed on 11 November - my husband says it's a lot easier to memorize the twelve days of the year when everything is actually open in France than to try to keep up with the holidays! :-)

  4. This looks lovely but surreal from where I am (Palm Springs) where all is sunny and no signs of autumn.

    1. Right, Ur-spo! I was reprimanded by my Palm Desert friend a couple of weeks ago when I asked her if the colors there were as bright as other years! I had lived there for two years but that was "eons" ago!!! Short memory!

  5. mitch, they take their shutters very seriously in France.

    bettyann, isn't it?

    chm, ah, la dame Nature a du talent !

    kiwi, add to that those not-so-exceptional "fermetures exceptionnelles" and I think he's on to something!

    judy, :)

    michael, wouldn't it be nice to visit the desert... the grass is always greener! Especially on the golf courses. LOL


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