Monday, November 08, 2021

Autumn morning

While there are still leaves on the grape vines, here's a shot of our hamlet above the Cher Valley, looking toward the northeast. Most of the leaves are dropping now, abandoning their bright colors for a more subdued tone. Some vine parcels are nearly bare.

A familiar sight: the gold, gold leaves of home.

One parcel close to the house is being ripped out for replanting. So far, the guide wires are gone as are half the stakes, and the vines have been pruned back to the trunks. Once all the stakes are out, I expect the trunks will be removed and the ground plowed and left en jachère (fallow) over winter (and maybe longer).


  1. As you say that parcel might stay fallow for several years to give the soil a rest. They may plant luzerne, alfalfa or trèfle, clover to give the soil nitrogen.


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