Monday, December 27, 2021


For lack of any new photos, how do you like these apples? It's from ten years ago. I made a pie with them.

These are called "reinettes," pippins in English.

I woke up to rain this morning, pretty heavy. Radar shows it's moving off now. Thank goodness. The morning walks are no fun in the rain. As it is, we'll probably get muddy paws.


  1. I love them apples!

    We’ve had rain, finally, for about five days. A decent soaking. Looks like partly cloudy and around 17C today.

  2. The image of the week is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. I wont say more, except that at first I thought it was the Köln Cathedral. I wonder if that latter cathedral was built with the profits of selling bottled Rhine water as Eau de Cologne?

  3. Ha! I love the apples photo!
    My verrrrrrry favorite apple is the McIntosh. As someone from NY state, I know that you must be well familiar with it, but around here, they are hard to come by sometimes. They are really the only apple that I like, and I love them. I remember once, in Paris, buying a big apple from a local neighborhood épicerie, and it tasted almost just like a MacIntosh, but was bigger, and had different coloring. What are these reinettes like?

  4. Often the only apples we can here are red delicious, my least favorite apple which I son't bother to buy. Was so happy the other day to find some galas and granny smiths.
    Keep your paws clean!

  5. My favorites apples in the States are Stayman, Winesap and McIntosh. Granny Smith is best for applesauce.

  6. two questions:
    Is the pie cooked yet?
    How heavy are you?

  7. mitch, it's warming up here. Weird.

    chm, right! And, lol!

    judy, yes. Macs were my favorite apple as a kid. Tastes great, but it gets a little mushy when cooked. The reinettes are good, just like and apple should be. Galas, too.

    wilma, I'm not a fan of Delicious apples either.

    michael, lol! That pie was cooked and eaten ten years ago. I've made several (like, lots) since and am planning another this week for new year's. They're healthy good! 66 kilos.


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