Tuesday, December 28, 2021

La Flèche

This is la flèche (spire) atop the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris seen from the dome of the Panthéon. I took the photo in 2016, about three years before the fire that destroyed it. The spire, that is. The cathedral still stands while the roof is being rebuilt. The Panthéon had just opened the dome to visitors after years of renovation and I took a tour one afternoon the day before a flight out to Canada and the US. I don't think I've published this photo before.

It will be a while before this view is possible again. I thought a somber treatment was appropriate.

The wind picked up about nine last night and howled until this morning. It wasn't all that bad, but there were some gusts that made the house creak. Tasha and Bert spent a good part of the night up on the bed.


  1. A powerful photo. SG would have been happy to have the company of Tasha and Bert.

  2. Great photo. When they rebuild the spire, I hope they use a light aluminum alloy to replace the heavy lead.

  3. I don't think I noticed the spire when I was there. I do remember seeing la tour Eiffel from up there.

  4. Good to know that your boiler must have stayed lit during the howling winds!

  5. mitch, they were on the bed again last night. A pattern is developing.

    chm, that would be smart.

    evelyn, yes, I took lots of photos of the Eiffel Tower from there.

    judy, we haven't had a single incident since the work was done. Knock on wood...


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